Press Release


May 10, 2017

Powercases announces the opening of online stores in the United States and Canada with a full range of 21st century portable power solutions for mobile businesses and consumers. The stores can be found under USA Powercases and CDN Powercases respectively.

Products carry a limited one year warranty. All orders will be shipped free of charge, except for certain promotional items where a handling fee may be imposed, as expeditiously as possible by courier or postal service.

The stores maintain separate Facebook pages under the Powercases USA and Powercases Canada which pages contain product portfolios and other product related information in the form of posts and videos.

Visitors are welcome at either of the stores and Facebook pages. Persons interested in addition information on Powercases can access the corporate website through the stores if resident in the United States or Canada and directly if resident outside of those countries.

Shipments from the stores may only be made within the jurisdictions where they are located. Persons wishing to purchase Powercases products in other geographies should contact the company directly by email at .


January 1, 2017

January 1, 2017-As a further demonstration of its commitment to snowmobile safety, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has agreed to work together with POWERCASES to offer snowmobilers protection against sudden loss of battery power in remote locations.

POWERCASES JS400 and JS800 jump starter batteries provide emergency starting power in the event of failure of a factory installed lead acid battery out on the trail far from the repair shop. POWERCASES JS400 and JS800 are 21st century portable power solutions. Compact, reliable, environmentally friendly and easy to use, they will start your snowmobile in a moment of need if your lead acid battery unpredictably becomes inoperative.

The JS800 will also start the truck you use to trail your snowmobile. The JS400 is small enough to keep inside the breast pocket of your snowmobile suit, always ready in a moment of need. Best of all, your snowmobile can be prewired with heavy duty extension cables permitting you to simply plug the JS400/JS800 into the other end of the cables to easily supply power under even the worst weather conditions.

POWERCASES also offers a range of battery embedded mobile phone cases for iPhones and most Samsung phone models. These cases protect the phone as well as doubling available airtime. For snowmobilers who make extended trips supplementary battery power reduces the risk of a dead phone at an inopportune moment.

“Snowmobilers will find these products offer both peace of mind and great utility”, says Jeff Mason, CEO of POWERCASES.

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs provides valuable offers to permit buyers through its Rider Advantage program on an annual basis. “Our goal is to find partners who can enhance rider safety and enjoyment on the trails and these new portable power technology products from POWERCASES are a demonstration of our commitment providing valuable service to our permit holders and their families”, says Lisa Stackhouse, OFSC’s Manager of Participation and Partnership Development.

POWERCASES is an Ontario based technology company that develops portable power solutions for business and consumers through innovative deployment of lithium ion battery technology.

The OFSC is committed to proactive leadership in promoting safe, responsible riding, on and off Ontario snowmobile trails by building safer snowmobiling knowledge, attitudes and behaviours through rider education development and enforcement.

To learn more about the OFSC Rider Advantage program, visit